Organic Gardening Tips

November 29, 2015

Step 5 Mulching and Watering your Organic Garden

    I combine mulching and watering in step 5 because they have so much in common. In my own garden I have found that mulching […]
November 22, 2015

Step 4 What to Plant and When

Knowing what types of vegetables to plant and what time of year to plant them has a major impact on how successful you will be.  Depending […]
November 2, 2015

Starting an Organic Vegetable Garden. Step Two. Soil Test

Why Test your soil ?  Over my 40 + years of growing plants I have found that if I know more about the soil my plants […]
October 29, 2015

Starting an Organic Vegetable Garden. Step One, Location

As in real estate and many other things location is an important factor in a successful organic garden. You may be thinking about starting an organic […]
October 25, 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Grow Some of Your Own Food

When I was a young boy my grandmother would show me how to take cuttings and root plants. We also planted seeds and started our own […]
October 16, 2015

Plant Garlic in the Fall

  Like it or hate it Garlic is among one of the healthiest vegetables that we can consume.  Garlic is an excellent source of manganese and vitamin […]
September 3, 2015

Potting Soils for Raised Beds and Containers

Growing in containers and raised beds  is a good option for many gardeners. Some of the benefits include less space required,  less weeding, quick setup, mobile […]
August 30, 2015

What is good soil?

  Every gardener instinctively knows that you need good soil if you want your garden to flourish. There is always advice handed out that if you […]