Certified Naturally Grown Vegetables

Our vegetables are grown in nutrient-rich soils that are never sprayed with chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. They are Certified Naturally Grown following the same standards as U.S.D.A. Organic standards. For more information on this certification, see CNG’s website. Our production of vegetables is year round, but availability depends on the season. We offer our vegetables at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market in Atlanta and at our Farm Stand. Become a Community Farm Member to ensure you get the cream of the crop each week!

Seasonal Vegetables

This list reflects the vegetables we usually grow each season, though items may vary. The produce items are listed by their general harvest time. Note: Not every item will be available each week. Become a Community Farm Member to ensure you get the cream of the crop each week.

Spring (April – June)Summer (July – Sept)Fall (Sept – Dec)
Sugar snap peasSquash (yellow & zucchini)Baby greens mix
CabbageGreen BeansField Peas
Squash (Yellow & zucchini)TomatoesSpinach
BroccoliPeppers SweetEggplant
BokchoyPeppers HotSweet Potatoes
LettuceEggplantPeppers Sweet
KalePotatoesPeppers Hot
Swiss ChardCucumbersButternut Squash
KohlrabiOkraWinter Squash
CarrotsField Peas
Malabar Spinach
BeetsLettuceSalad turnips
RadishesMalabar SpinachRadishes
Tomatoes (June)ApplesMild mustard greens
ArugulaFigsCanned pepper sauce
Turnips and Turnip greensBlueberriesBokchoy
CucumbersApples from Beech Creek Farm
Baby greens MixBeets
Turnip Greens
Swiss Chard