The Best Commitment to Health You Can Make - A Commitment to Local, Naturally Grown Food

Community Farm Memberships

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Want to make a commitment to healthy food while supporting a local, family run farm? Become a Community Farm Member at Country Gardens Farm! You'll get exclusive first access to all of the healthy foods we have available each week, not to mention priority for events at the farm.

The cost is just $65/month that can be used to purchase any goods from the farm, and if you don't spend it all in one month, it rolls over to the next month!


Can I pause my Community Farm Membership during the year?

Yes, you can stop or pause your subscription at any time.

What are the benefits of being a Community Farm Member?

When you are a member you can use your subscription money to buy anything we have at the farm stand in person or online. You will get the first choice of all Items available each week 24 hours before non-members. If there are only a few tomatoes that week you will have access to order them before non-members.

We plan on having events at the farm like Lunch and Learn classes, where members can learn about Growing, Cooking, and Preserving good food that will be open to members first. We plan on having a few farm-to-table dinners that members will be offered tickets first. We will have special pricing from time to time that we will only offer to members.

Not only are you receiving these benefits and the connection with the farm you are helping to support locally grown healthy food that is good for people in the community and for the environment.

If I choose not to be a member and not take part in the benefits can I still buy from Country Gardens?

Yes, absolutely you can buy online or in-person from the farm. You will just get access to the online store one-day later than members each week and you may not be able to take part in certain events if they sell out to members first.

What happens if I decide to spend more or less than $65 each month?

You will have an account with Country Gardens and $65 will be added to it each month from your credit card. If you want to buy more one month you pay the difference at checkout, online, or in person. If you don't spend all your $65 each month the balance will roll over for you to use the next month.

What can I buy with my monthly $65 membership?

No fees! Your money all goes into your account to be spent for anything at the farm stand in person or online. Anything we sell at the farm. Vegetables, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Milk, Eggs, Cheese, Honey, Granola, Coffee, Soap, Olive Oil, and more. If we have it available in the farmstand you can buy it online or in person.

Does this take the place of the milk and egg subscription?

No, the milk and egg subscription will continue as usual. Being a Community Farm Member does not guarantee we will be able to reserve milk or eggs for you each week. To reserve your milk and eggs every week, be sure to subscribe separately for milk and eggs. Being a part of the Milk & Egg Subscription gives you Community Farm Membership access.

Milk Subscriptions

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Do you love fresh, farm raised food? With the Country Gardens Farm Subscription service, you never have to worry about supplies running low because we reserve your weekly order for you! Sign up for as much milk and/or eggs you need on a weekly basis, choose your weekly pick up day, and pay up front for the month. Your subscription will automatically renew every four weeks, or you can cancel at any time. No more worries!

Egg Subscriptions

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How to Sign Up:
  • Choose how much eggs or milk you need. If you need more than one, you can increase the quantity. If you need both a half and a whole, add each one to your cart separately.
  • Next, choose the pick up day you would like. If you need to change your pick up day in the future, just drop us a text or email and we’ll take care of that for you.
  • Lastly, check out with your credit card. It’s that easy! You can manage your subscriptions from your account on the Country Gardens website by clicking “Manage my Account”.