Grass Fed Beef

100% Grass Fed Beef

We believe in raising cows the way nature intended - on fresh, green grass. Our pastures are never sprayed with any pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers, and we never use any hormones or antibiotics on our animals. This allows us to grow a truly high quality and nutritionally superior beef. We use a USDA inspected processing facility and high quality vacuum sealed packaging. We strive to keep a variety of cuts available year round, including a great selection of steaks like filet mignon, rib eye, new york strip, and sirloin, as well as the basics like ground beef, cubed steak, and roasts, and we also sell organs and bones for broth.

Health Benefits of Our Grass Fed Beef

Decreased risk of
heart disease

Provides up to 6x more
'healthy fats'

Higher in Vitamins
B, C & E

4-6x lower in overall

Help fights cancer (5x
higher in CLA)

No antibiotics, hormones
or steroids

Helps support normal
blood sugar levels

Lower in total calories, but
contains more nutritional

Helps lower "bad" LDL
Cholesterol levels

Risk of food poisoning is
significantly reduced