How to Grow

I have had a love for growing plants ever since my Grandmother first planted the seed of gardening in me on her front porch when I was just a kid. I love to see things grow; it is just the way I am wired. I see that same love in others as well even if they are not gardeners. When you see a beautiful garden it is satisfying. It may be a manicured garden that man has made or a natural setting of God’s hand. A garden is food for the soul whether you consume it with your eyes or your mouth. After all, God first placed us in the Garden of Eden and I think that we have a deep desire within us to return to the garden.

Mike Cunningham - Teaching Farmer

Country Gardens Farm


Why Grow Your Own Vegetables

Maybe you have tried to grow some of your own vegetables and not met with very good success. There were bugs, disease and bad weather.

I know, I am a farmer and I have to work through many challenges. After 40 plus years of growing plants I have had more successes than failures. That’s how I can help you.

Growing some of your own food has many benefits. We get to enjoy the process of seeing plants grow then we get to enjoy it a second time as we eat that food for nourishment of our bodies. Sharing a meal with family and friends that has come from something you have grown is fulfilling. Food Just taste better, taste fresher and is more nutritious when we grow it ourselves. I want to help you to be successful growing your vegetables.

The gardening principles I teach are all organic and can be applied to gardens big or small, and all around the world. Start your journey today!