About Us

For multiple generations, the Cunningham family has worked over 150 acres of rich farmland in the Piedmont region of Georgia. With degrees in horticulture and decades of experience, Mike and Judy, and their family, continue to promote their family’s heritage of growing natural, chemical-free products for their local market.

Country Gardens Farm raises cattle that are on pasture at all times, and are never given hormones or antibiotics. The animals are raised as nature intended. Likewise, the farm’s happy hens graze all day on grass and produce some of the most delicious, omega 3 rich eggs you’ll find anywhere.

Country Gardens Farm also produces a large variety of fruits and vegetables that are Certified Naturally Grown and the farm supports a popular Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program each year for local residents.

For many years now the Cunninghams have held classes and workshops, and have had speaking engagements around Georgia to share their vast experience of how to grow, cook, and preserve truly nutritious food. Now they wish to share their wisdom and knowledge with a wider audience.

Welcome to The Teaching Farmers!

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