Grilled Eggplant

When you are grilling this summer don’t forget to add your veggies to the grill. Grilled Eggplant is so simple and delicious. Give it a try!


Eggplant 1 large Italian type (traditional rounded eggplant) or 2-3 long skinny Asian type

EVOO enough to drizzle on the eggplant

Sea Salt or your favorite seasoned salt

Italian Herbs or your favorite herb to go with the meal you are preparing

Balsamic Vinegar

How to Make It

Slice your eggplant into planks

Drizzle the eggplant with olive oil and sprinkle with salt & herbs

Put the eggplant onto the hot grill and flip after it is starting to soften. The peel will help to hold it together.

It will have a soft texture when done

Drizzle with balsamic vinegar if you desire

So easy but so good!