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One of our goals is to help our customers learn how to Grow, Cook, and Preserve Healthy Food.  To further this aim we offer classes and workshops throughout the year which cover a wide range of topics.

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Grow Your Own Salad

Discover how you can pick a fresh salad from your raised bed or containers. We will talk about what crops will grow throughout the winter with just a little protection. See how to plant, Cut and Come Again lettuce and other salad greens. With each paid admission you will take home a planted container of salad greens that you plant in the class

You will plant a container of Baby Greens to take home.

  Discover how to.
* Select the right varieties

* Use the right soil

* Select a raised bed or container

* Plant from seed

* Water, fertilize and grow

* Organic remedies for Insects and disease control

* How to harvest for cut and come again baby greens

* How to keep your greens fresh until you use them

Saturday Morning September 14th from 10 to 12
Cost is $30.00 and includes a container seeded with Lettuce or other greens that you will plant in the Class and take home.

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