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2017 Summer Vegetable Transplants 

All of our transplants are grown using organic methods.  

The plants that have an * beside them are still growing but not quite ready to plant.


Sweet Peppers  $4.00/4 inch pot

Bell Pepper Flavorburst    Lime green maturing to orange

Bell Pepper Paladin

Bell Pepper Red Knight

Bell Pepper (small peppers) Iko Iko   Make early, small purplish color

Sweet Banana   prolific producer

Carmen  delicious sweet bull horn shaped pepper.  Heavy producer.

Jalapeno Fooled You  Jalapeno flavor without the heat.  Sometimes known as Tricked You.

Jimmy Nardello  Italian heirloom pepper.  Looks like a cayenne pepper but very sweet.

Lunchbox  Small snacking pepper.  Addictive, can’t stop eating them.

Shishito   Small sweet peppers.


Spicy Peppers   $4.00/4 inch pot



Cayenne  Just a few left



Tomato Varieties

Tomato Cherry or Smaller Varieties  $4.00/4 inch pot

Matt’s Wild   small red tomatoes but bursting with flavor.

Coyote  small creamy white cherry tomatoes

Sun Gold  gold to orange really sweet cherry tomatoes  JUST A FEW LEFT

Juliette  grape type red tomato

SOLD OUT   Yellow Pear  pear shaped yellow tomatoes     SOLD OUT

Bumblebee   new variety for us.  Very flavorful and productive.

Chocolate Cherry  similar to Black Cherry

SOLD OUT   Black Cherry  dark purplish red tomato.  Great flavor.   SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT   Sweet 100   clusters of sweet red cherry tomatoes    SOLD OUT

Jasper  very productive red cherry tomatoes

Jelly Beans   mixture of colors, small cherry tomatoes


Tomato Heirloom Varieties  $4.00/4 inch pot

San Marzano  (Paste type like Roma)

Amish Paste  (Paste type like Roma)

Copia  bicolor slicing tomato

Mortgage Lifter  Large red slicing tomato

Garden Peach  Medium sized yellowish skin tomato.  Wonderful flavor.  Very productive.

Georgia Streak   bicolor slicing tomato

SOLD OUT   Brandywine  heirloom large red slicer

SOLD OUT   German Johnson   heirloom slicer

SOLD OUT     Cherokee Purple  most popular of the heirlooms that we grow.  Dark purplish red color.  Large slicer.

SOLD OUT   Black Krim    Dark colored flesh. Large slicer

Kellogg’s Breakfast    Orange slicer

Cherokee Carbon   Cross between heirloom Cherokee Purple & Carbon.    JUST A FEW AVAILABLE

Pink Berkley Tie Dye   Pinkish, orange yellow color.  Slicer.

Valencia   Orange slicer


Tomato Hybrid Varieties  $4.00/4 inch pot

Big Beef   Large red slicer

Celebrity  Determinate. Red slicer

Rutgers   Medium sized red slicer.  Very acidic

Big Zac  Very large red slicer.

Glacier  Small to medium sized red slicer

SOLD OUT   Early Blue Ribbon  Pinky red hear shaped slicer

SOLD OUT   Bella Rossa   Determinate plants  10-12 ounce red slicer,  very heat tolerant

SOLD OUT   Chef’s Choice Pink   Pink slicer

SOLD OUT   Chef’s Choice Orange  Orange slicer

Champion   Red slicer

Momotaro   Red slicer


Squash  $1.00 each or $4.00 per 6 pack

Zephyr  straightneck yellow with green tinges on ends

Crookneck Yellow Squash

Pattypan   Scalloped squash


Zucchini  $1.00 each or $4.00 per 6 pack

Green Zucchini

Gold Zucchini



Cucumbers $1.00 each or $4.00 per 6 pack

SOLD OUT   Lemon cucumbers  Look like a lemon but taste like a juicy cucumber

Salt & Pepper    White with black spines, thus the name.  Turn yellow as they mature more.

Pickling   Great for pickling or eating fresh

Diva  Green, non bitter, burpless type, very crunchy

Marketmore  Green, burpless type



Herbs  $4.00 PER 6 PACK  OR $4.00 PER 4″ POT

*Sweet Basil

*Lemon Basil

*Thai Basil

*Cinnamon Basil

Purple Basil



Holy Basil