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Current CSA Status

 Will Open for New Members on June 4th 2018

Our 2018 Summer session  Vegetable CSA will open for new members on June 4th  until spaces are full. You will need to download the form at the bottom of this page and mail or drop your payment off at the farm. We need your name, E-mail and phone number along with your payment to reserve your spot. Read below under signup and payment options. You can call or e-mail if you have questions. The Summer Vegetable CSA will start on June 26th and go for 12 weeks through the week of September 11th .

Spring  2018 Vegetable CSA starts  April 3 – week of June 19 (12 weeks)

Summer Vegetable CSA Starts June 26 – week of Sept 11th (12 weeks)

Fall Vegetable CSA is September 18th- week of Dec 4th (12 weeks)

You can commit to one or more of the 12 week sessions and once you are a member you will be able to sign up for the next session before your current session ends.

Mike 404-944-7851

Judy 770-251-2673

E- Mail    mikec@countrygardensfarm.com


Click on the link below to download the order form

Vegetable CSA Form



General Information

The term CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  CSA members commit to buying a certain amount of produce from the farm during a session. This enables us as farmers to better plan our production because we know we have a sure market for what we are growing. Each week’s produce may be different … like a surprise package of fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables!

photo of vegetables in the garden

We are committed to growing your vegetables in a sustainable manner using organic methods and environmentally sound farming practices. We are dedicated to growing our crops so that they are nutrient dense, meaning that they are the freshest, healthiest food you can get. If you ever have any questions about the farm or our growing methods we invite your questions and can arrange visits to the farm.

We occasionally buy fruits and vegetables from other farms in order to give our CSA members an enhanced selection. These farms practice the same organic methods that we do. The only exception to that last year were the apples we bought from Beech Creek Farm in Tallapoosa, Georgia. The apples were not organic, but the farm follows a low spray program. Everyone enjoyed their apples last season.

You pick up your CSA produce once a week at our farm.  You would choose a day to pick-up your CSA.  CSA pick-up days are Tuesday, Wednesday  or Thursday between 1:00 and 7:00.

At the farm we have 8 to 10 different fruits and vegetables displayed farmers market style. When you arrive each week, you select 7 items, plus an herb. We call each item a share, so you’ll have 7 shares (plus an herb). Each share is the amount that you would commonly see prepackaged at the grocery store. A bag or a bundle or 1 or 2 pounds depending on what it is.

In each 12-week session you may skip one week and make it up later. You must tell us if you need to use your skip at least 3 days ahead.  Some people give their week to friends or family if they are not able to come. You can also change the day of the week you pick up if you needed.

We also offer a smaller CSA  where members select 4 shares plus a herb per week at a reduced cost.

The cost of the Vegetable CSA works out to $28 per week for 7 shares and an herb or $16 per week for a 4 share and a herb.There is a one time $35 membership fee which covers some of the cost of bags, packing supplies, etc. Membership fees are waived if you were a member the previous year or a returning member in the current year.

Sign-up and Payment Options

The total cost of each 12 week Vegetable CSA is $336. This works out to $28/week for your choice of 7 vegetables or fruits and a herb. New CSA members pay a one time $35 Membership Fee.

We also offer a 4 Share CSA  for $16 per week for 12 weeks  for a total of $192

For CSA questions, please contact Mike or Judy Cunningham at mikec@countrygardensfarm.com or call 770-251-2673 or 404-944-7851.


 List of Vegetables We Produce Each Season

This list reflects the vegetables we usually grow each season, though items may vary. The produce items are listed by their general harvest time. Note: Not every item will be available each week.

Spring Session (April – June) Summer Session (July – Sept) Fall Session (Sept. – Dec)
Sugar snap peas
Squash (Yellow & zucchini)
Swiss Chard
Tomatoes (June)
Turnips and Turnip greens
Squash (yellow & zucchini)
Green Beans
Peppers Sweet
Peppers Hot
Field Peas
Malabar Spinach
Baby greens mix
Field Peas
Sweet Potatoes
Peppers Sweet
Peppers Hot
Butternut Squash
Winter Squash
Malabar SpinachSalad turnipsRadishesMild mustard greens
Canned pepper sauce
CollardsBokchoyMuscadinesApples from Beech Creek FarmBeets
Turnip Greens
Swiss Chard


Click on the link below to download the form. Print it out the form and fill it out, include your payment and drop it in the payment box at the farm stand or mail it .


Vegetable CSA Form


Country Gardens Farm

2050 Hwy 154

Newnan Ga. 30265

Make checks payable to Mike Cunningham



One time Membership fee for 2018 $35.00               __________

Fee is waived for returning members

Full share (7 items) plus an herb

Or choose payment method

Vegetable CSA for 12 weeks Full share $ 336.00   _________________

Smaller share (4 items) plus an herb

Vegetable CSA for 12 weeks 4 item share $192.   _____________________

Total                                                                                                                    ____________

This Year’s CSA will be on a first come first serve basis.  To reserve a spot return this form with your payment

Please make checks payable to Mike Cunningham.  Mail to 2050 Hwy 154 Newnan, GA 30265. Or drop it in the payment box at the Farm Stand.

Questions??? mikec@countrygardensfarm.com  phone 770-251-2673




Phone number____________________________

Text number if available____________________

Circle your preference for pickup day     Between 1 and 7 o’clock

Tuesday            Wednesday                 Thursday